Go Splunk Yourself!

At .conf 2013 we had a Beyond IT track that explored some of the standard and not-so-standard uses of Splunk outside of the IT organizations of the world. Sessions included using Splunk to deal with electronic health records as well as how to brew better beer with sensors and Splunk. My session was titled Go Splunk Yourself and I discussed how I’ve been tracking my own biometrics and activities on a day by day basis and feeding them into Splunk.

Shortly after I started at Splunk, a coworker gave me her old Fitbit. A few years later, I’m now tracking myself with a Fitbit, a Nike Fuelband, a Basis Band, a Garmin GPS watch, a wifi scale (Withings), a posture …

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My First Month At Splunk

The first time I came into Splunk’s office I knew it was a place that I wanted to work. As I sat on the couch and chatted with co-founder and CTO Erik Swan (aka “Boss”) I noticed three movies on the coffee table: Hackers, Office Space, and The Big Lebowski. I instantly knew it would be a good fit. After a few interviews, Splunk agreed and decided to hire a red-haired fire artist with InstallShield experience despite the compromising SXSW photos. I joined the engineering team and took over the task of authoring, updating, and everything else regarding the Windows Installer for Splunk.

Over the last month I’ve quickly come up to speed on the Splunk platform, constantly amazed at …

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