Splunking Customer Experience

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Splunk is at Big Data London in Olympia this week. This open event is aimed at individuals looking to have questions answered about big data as well as share ideas with forward-thinking peers and leading members of the data community.

I’ll be leading a tech demo at the event looking at the power of machine data and machine learning in helping businesses to better understand customers. As more and more elements of our lives become digital interactions, machine data can tell us a great deal about our customers across all channels: mobile, social, web and in person.

Customer experience is not just about objective metrics, it’s also about a customer’s subjective impressions. One of the key subjective measures of a …

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Splunk at ThingMonk 2016

ThingmonkHi everyone

I’m Duncan Turnbull and I am the technical lead for the Analytics and IoT practice team here at Splunk in Europe. This means I get to spend my time listening, explaining, showing and talking to organizations across EMEA about how to use their machine data to solve business problems and find the value from it by using Splunk’s software.

I’m delighted to be at Redmonk’s ThingMonk event this year at the Hack Day on day 0. I’ll be there to see what we can build on the day, build some cool things myself and showcase how to use all the data from these sensors. Last year we had Matt Davies and James Hodge from Splunk present and …

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