SplunkLive Experience

sl_orlandoAs a CIO in a high tech company, its always great to get the chance to either speak on behalf of the company or hear from customers who are excited about your products. Last week I had both experiences at SplunkLive Orlando. Best was to hear three customers Satcom Direct, Century Link, and PSCU.  Between these, we had a database architect, security architect and VP Technology & Development all share how much of a difference Splunk had made in solving problems they could not have addressed in the past.

Favorite quotes: David from PSCU noted that for security use cases they were able to laser focus on what interested them and eliminate background noise.  Khalid from Century Link noted …

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BoxWorks and Cloud Security

Will be at BoxWorks next week speaking during the afternoon keynote about Splunk’s use of Box as our document management platform. Part of the discussion will focus on what we are doing in terms of securing our cloud assets, and it will be no surprise that we use Splunk to track access, failed login attempts, and other metrics to monitor use of our information.  This will be enhanced in the coming weeks as we complete a Splunk App for Box which will set up the real time feed from the Box platform into our internal environment.  A sample of the type of dashboards we can produce is shown herein (top logins into Box over the last 30 days) but some …

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Forecasting Cloud Analytics

Looking forward to being on a panel at the upcoming Cloud Analytics Conference on April 25 to represent Splunk and opportunity of mining big data for the enterprise.  Will be contrasting Business Intelligence with Operational Intelligence.

During my career I’ve been around for the dramatic growth of the market for BI tools and now BI services.  In the beginning of the BI era, large capital projects were necessary to deliver needed functionality, as the industry for BI was still reaching maturity, and it would be some time before these processes were made more streamlined, and the data democratized. At this point, in the new millennium, the majority of CIO’s I know embrace BI solutions that are pre-integrated to their …

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Semantics and Machine Data

One of the first and most beloved series of dashboards used at Splunk internally were created by R&D and product management teams, deriving a number of statistics from the downloads of Splunk software from our website.  The apache log provided the primary raw information for these dashboards, which were enriched and used to show download activity globally, by version, platform, and by country, and geo.  These have been the business analytics used to gain insight into the distribution of our products around the world.

Since taking on the new roll out of Splunk internally, the IT team has been working to set up a series of charts that focus more on operational metrics – the up time of the service, …

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The “Aha!” Moment in Time

We took a new corporate instance of Splunk into production last fiscal year, via the efforts of Paul Stout, my manager of Splunk applications, and the team who worked with him from our IT operations and professional services departments. The facilities group just ringed the office space with monitors to display some of the key dashboards we use on a daily basis to monitor and manage our assets. We are rolling out the Splunk App for Enterprise Security 2.0 and the latest app for VMware, and these have been major developments on our road map.

Had a nice reminder of how a passion for Splunk so often starts with someone from an operations trying to solve a specific problem and …

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The Big Data Opportunity

Looking forward to a Harvey Nash webinar next week, October 27 1p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT.  The title is “The Big Opportunities of Big Data

We will be discussing the opportunity CIO’s have to innovate at their company by harnessing the power of digital machine data living and growing under their many business applications, systems, networks, and related infrastructure.  Please join us by registering here!

Presenters: Anna Frazzetto, SVP of Technology Solutions, Harvey Nash and Doug Harr, CIO, Splunk

When: October 27, 2011 1p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT

Length: One hour, including Q&A

For: CIOs, CTOs and VPs of Technology responsible for driving performance, innovation and revenue results

What You’ll Take Away:
• What big data is and the …

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Chief “Intelligence” Officer

For years we CIOs have been working with our teams to turn “data” into “information” and “information” into “intelligence.” We know how important it is for CIOs to lead our companies from reporting the past to monitoring the now, and even predicting the future.  This is our ultimate calling, and as luck would have it, we’ve just crossed into a new era where we can offer a new kind of analytics – an “operational intelligence” to our business customers.

We’ve spent the last 30 years perfecting the deployment and management of business application suites, from HRIS, to ERP, to CRP, and beyond. There is always more to do, but for many industries, these capabilities now approach “commodity” status. The new …

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Innovation and the Big Deal

We CIO’s continually seek to refine the definition of our role, with an eye towards justifying the vaulted positions we hold and maximizing our impact on the success of the company. I’m always reminded of that line from the movie “Anchorman” where Will Ferrell‘s character Ron Burgundy is trying to impress the leading lady and says “I don’t know how to put this, but I’m kind of a big deal ….people know me.”  Comedy often comes with a shred of truth. Pick up any CIO related media, and you will inevitably find a lot of advice as to who we CIOs are – articles like “how to influence customers”, “how to gain competitive advantage”, and others about …

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Evaluating Cloud ERP

Will be speaking Thursday, July 21, at a Netsuite panel as part of the webinar titled “Keys to Evaluating Cloud ERP.” At Splunk we graduated from our initial accounting package to Netsuite a couple of years ago, and are now expanding our implementation to establish legal entities globally, after completing a second study this year to determine that we are on the right platform for the company. ERP to us encompasses Financial business applications including core accounting modules, plus order entry. For these applications our primary concern was to select and implement comprehensive, secure, flexible, solid software that would last us 3-5 years and beyond as we grow rapidly, worldwide. Netsuite fit that profile and was the clear …

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Time & Technology

This news last month caught my eye – that Apple Corporation purchased the 98-acre Hewlett Packard campus at Homestead and Wolfe in Cupertino.  Quite a time ago at this same site I started my career at HP as a programmer working on HP’s internal payroll systems. HP was then an amazing, innovative company, dedicated to bringing affordable computer systems to business.  I remember our early deployment of “touch screen” computers and graphical interfaces that we hoped would make business systems much more interesting and consumable.

Years later, it’s good to hear that Apple is moving into the old campus, and it seems a fitting new occupant given their continued drive to democratize computing, bringing consumers a “touch screen” system that …

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