Team Agility with The Splunk Platform

In continuing my DevOps series I talked about how my journey at Splunk sparked my drive to help our customers get a better understanding of application delivery cycle. I briefly talked about DevOps methodology and basic concepts. But the most important element is how your team responds to DevOps–driven workflow.

DevOps teams use numerous types of project management tools while many companies are looking to move into a Scrum process flow or become a full agile shop. Tools like Atlassian’s JIRA, Version One, and Rally enable teams to see the value of their work by tracking project tasks in Sprints that can represents various work periods. Teams that follow this type of flow have a better understanding of items that …

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My Journey with DevOps at Splunk

Ten months ago, I took the journey from being an Openstack/ Tooling Engineer and entered the world of Sales Engineering at Splunk.  I wanted to continue to maintain my development skills and help customers understand the importance to their business of their automation and deployment activities. I have focused on helping customers see the value in moving to a full DevOps methodology, but find that a lot of my customers are still struggling with getting the basics concepts of DevOps fundamentals. With how much technology has changed it surprises me that basic fundamentals of development and release management are not being followed or understood; nor are people willing to adapt to a streamlined process. But that hasn’t stopped me from …

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