Fremont Robotics Team

On 6/24 Splunk4Good invited Fremont High School’s Robotics team for a visit as part of our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) educational outreach. There was a little bit of rain, but Splunk4Good did not allow that to be a roadblock on delivering a memorable experience for the Fremont High School students.

Two important facts: the Fremont Robotics team is an extra curricular club that offered to the high school students. Also, Fremont High School is not based out in Fremont, it is actually located in Sunnyvale.

Now lets get back to their visit.

Ashwin, the Splunk BizDev team member extraordinaire did an awesome job hosting this visit and making sure these students had a unique experience at the SF …

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Oakland International High School Visit

On Thursday 5/30 Oakland International High School had a blast visiting the Splunk HQ as part of Splunk4Good‘s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) educational outreach. Splunk UI Dev Kate Feenney, who volunteers with Oakland International in her spare time, did an awesome job acting as host and at making sure that the students visit was a great learning experience.

The Splunk4Good volunteers had the day planned out for these young talented minds. Nick Key intrigued our guests with the Splunk demo and implemented a little bit of coding during his presentation, Eric Grant did a great job at covering the demo, while Splunk intern Ross Lazerowitz covered the What It’s Like to Work at Splunk!

After the …

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LPS High School Gets Splunk-ducated

As the Notorious B.I.G said, “If you don’t know, now you know” that on Tuesday, May 21st, there were some young’ns roaming Splunk’s SF building. Splunk4Good invited LPS High School for a visit as part of our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) educational outreach. Splunk4Good volunteers had previously mentored LPS HS students as part of the Technovation App Challenge. On this occasion LPS High School visited Splunk as part of their Week Without Walls that encourages their students to learn outside the school and gives them the opportunity to engage with their community.

After the high schoolers belly’s were full from the open taco bar, the day continued with Splunk-ducated fun! Introductions were made, then Splunk Sr Product Manager …

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Splunk Powers Up With jQuery!

Splunk is happy to announce that we will be a Diamond level sponsor of the 2013 jQuery Portland Conference on June 13 & 14. This is shaping up to be the best jQuery event to date, so if you haven’t registered yet – do it now, but first read below to find out about two special Splunk related offers.

Did you know jQuery is a Splunk customer? It’s true! In fact, jQuery received the very first Nonprofit License issued by Splunk4Good one year ago. Come to the conference and find out in one of the talks how jQuery is using Splunk to make sense of all their data.

This exciting event will feature 2 tracks, 31 talks, a …

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Philly Hackathon Winners

On March 6, 2013 after SplunkLive in Philadelphia, developers joined forces with Splunkers for a Hackathon at Seed Philly. Despite the weather that we were having in Philly, everyone did a great job on using Splunk and interesting data to create an innovative apps!

Jonathan Luste, Marquise Lee, Alem Abreha, Patrick Shumate, Sean Brown {team name: “Team Comcast”, spirit animal: “Mongoose”} won 1st place for Best App!  Bringing their creative minds together they Splunked Philadelphia Crime data to see violent vs non-violent crimes and incident rates that are displayed on the maps. Check out the pic of the team presenting and a couple screenshots of the app!

Chris Ly {team name: “Team Unfinished”, spirit animal: “Crippled Dodo”} …

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Splunk’s Hackathon at Seed Philly

On your mark! Get set! Hack! Splunk is hosting a hackathon at Seed Philly on Wednesday, March 6 from 4-9pm, after SplunkLive Philadelphia.  This hackathon gives developers a chance to build applications that make it easier and more effective to gain insights from machine data with Splunk.

Have you heard of Splunk, but don’t know how to get started using the product to build cool data mashups? Come and join! Splunk will provide food, beer and Splunk experts to help you get started. All skill levels are welcome. Join us whether you are a black belt Splunk ninjas or new to Splunk and wanting to apply your coding skills to build data apps.

Thanks much to Seed Philly for partnering …

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Upcoming CodeDay SF Event!

I am happy to announce that Splunk4Good will be hosting and sponsoring StudentRND’s first CodeDay event in San Francisco!  It is going to be held on Feb. 16-17. This is creating not only a great partnership with StundentRND, but will provide Bay Area youth with an awesome experience.  CodeDay is a 24 hour “hackathon” style event aimed at getting youth, 14-22 yrs. old, involved in creating innovative apps and games while inspiring them to become future entrepreneurs.

CodeDay consists of programing, eating, prizes and giveaways. It is a great, party-like atmosphere where you can expect to be surrounded by awesomeness! The youth that attend are broken up into groups of 3-6 people in which they have to race against …

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