Splunking App.net

If you follow the Tech Blogs, you’ve likely heard of Dalton Caldwell‘s App.net, which is attempting to become the user and developer funded social network glue for the next generation of social services.  Because I’m an insufferable early adopter, I ponied up the $100 for a dev account and went to town this weekend trying to figure out how best to get social data out of App.net into Splunk.  We have pretty extensive experience here working with Twitter data, and since App.net data is also social data and looks similar, I was pretty confident we could provide value.

First, we needed the data in Splunk.  App.net has been in development for about a month, so there’s no …

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Splunkbot: Node.js, IRC, and the JavaScript SDK for Fun and Profit pt. 2

Last week, we covered how we’re logging from Splunkbot, which is sitting in #splunk on the EFnet IRC network, to Splunk.  This week, we’re going to cover how we’re using Node.js and Splunk’s JavaScript SDK to provide an open web interface sitting on top of Splunk’s data.  For all of these examples, you can find a working implementation at http://splunkbot.splunk.com:8080/.

For Splunkbot, I wanted the web server to run inside the process to make everything very self-contained and easy to distribute.  I chose Expressjs for the webserver framework, and with that I chose the default jade for the templating language.  For the web interface, I chose to base the pages on Bootstrap to make building the markup …

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Splunkbot: Node.js, IRC, and the JavaScript SDK for Fun and Profit pt. 1

Okay, so possibly not so much for profit, but I have developed a really cool IRC bot that logs to Splunk and provides a web interface for searching those logs.  Several weeks before I started with Splunk, I was winding down my old job and looking for something I could do that was Splunk related.  I’m a total IRC geek.  I’ve been hanging out on #macintosh on Undernet for over 17 years, and I discovered while browsing Splunk’s website that there was an official IRC channel for Splunk, #splunk on EFnet.  I spent the first week lurking and slowly introducing myself to the regulars, and then since I had some downtime, the idea occurred to me that it would …

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