Doing More With What You Have

How many times have you been challenged by your management with the following adages?

“You have to do more with less.”

“Congratulations on staying under budget. We’re cutting your funding by 15% this year. You’re welcome.”

“Wow. This dashboard looks great! I want every VP in the company to have something like this. By tomorrow morning.”

Dilbert jokes aside, this happens every day to our customers. They invest the requisite time to learn Splunk, enthusiastically win over additional lines of business, and continually strive to innovate new and better methods of getting work done.

But most customers tend to hit a plateau of sorts with Splunk.

The fires are extinguished, automated alerts provide some proactive capabilities and management is delighted …

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Embracing Excellence: Splunk Best Practices at Your Organization

You count the quick reference guide as your right-hand man and the Splunk Tutorial helped you and others get up and running. You’ve watched all of the videos posts and can recite the past sixty-two five Splunk Talk podcasts verbatim. You’re registered for .conf2012. You’d planned on attending your local area SplunkLive! but a production issue kept you chained to your workstation until 11pm that night.

And you still want more.

You know, deep down, you’re only using 15% of Splunk’s potential. You also know you’re not alone in the company. How many of your co-workers are innovating cutting-edge solutions? What awesomeness are others crafting? How can you collectively take Splunk to the next level?

The answer …

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