Splunk Docs: let us make an example of you


The Splunk doc team wants to improve our search command examples, and we need your help.  Share your expertise!  The best examples will be added to the Splunk documentation. If you submit a winning example, you will earn undying fame because we will credit you right in the docs.

Here are the search commands that would benefit from better, real-world examples.

  • abstract – Has only one basic example now.
  • addInfo – Has only one basic example now.
  • appendcols
  • bin/bucket
  • collect – This advanced command needs a great example.
  • dedup
  • delete – Are there other use case examples for this command besides what is there now?
  • eventstats
  • fields
  • foreach – Users find this complicated and hard to use, but this
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Splunk documentation feedback: how it works and what makes a champion

On Monday this week, we at Splunk HQ had the pleasure of hosting Rich Mahlerwein, founding SplunkTrust member, cape-and-fez wearer, and Senior Systems Engineer at the Forest County Potawatomi IT Department. During his visit, I asked Rich to come and meet the documentation team.

Rich is legendary among the Splunk doc writers for the quality of the feedback he offers, and how often he sends it. So they were eager to meet him in person.

Here on the Splunk documentation team, our writers work hard to make sure our content is relevant, accurate, and matches the way our customers use Splunk software in the real world. An essential aspect of that is customer feedback. The Splunk doc team enjoys …

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docs.splunk.com – Redesigned and better than ever!

Here in the Splunk documentation team, our ties to the Splunk community motivate and energize us. You keep us honest and accurate, and your ongoing feedback helps make Splunk documentation great. We couldn’t do it without you, and more important, we wouldn’t want to!

A year ago, I came to .conf with some preliminary mockups of a redesigned docs.splunk.com. I talked with dozens of you, gathered your feedback, and we refined our plans so we could deliver as much of what you asked for as was humanly possible.

I am very pleased to announce that the new docs.splunk.com launches today. It incorporates both a new visual design and improved navigation. Let’s take a look.


Overall, the look and feel …

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