All Business at SplunkLive Dallas

I had the pleasure of hosting SplunkLive Dallas late last week, with some of the best customer presentations yet from MetroPCS, Pegasus and Louisiana State University. 95 people attended, and nearly everyone stayed on for the afternoon technical sessions to dive deep into Splunk hands on.

What was remarkable about this event, to an even greater degree than other recent SplunkLives, is the extent to which Splunk deployments have evolved from simple search and break/fix – you could easily see an emerging maturity model for operational intelligence at work.

Lamar Holtzclaw, our local senior sales engineer in the Dallas area, gave a great demo showing exactly how Splunk can be used to quickly find SLA violations amongst transactions spanning multiple …

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Any Splunk reports that got you promoted?

I’m running a session at Splunk’s upcoming user conference called “Reports that got Splunk users promoted.”

I already have lots of examples of great reports, dashboards and the like that various Splunk users built and had a big impact – many from the hundreds of SplunkLive user presentations over the last few years. But I would love to feature any others that any of you would like to share. They don’t have to have literally gotten you promoted – but anything you produced in Splunk that wowed your colleagues are welcome. Screenshots are a huge plus but I’d also love descriptions of what the report or dashboard showed and how it helped your organization. Full attribution promised!

Leave a comment …

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SplunkLive! Utrecht – Het was een mooie dag

The SplunkLive show continued on to Utrecht in the Netherlands yesterday.  Our new Dutch partner, SMT, made the local arrangements. It was another fantastic day of customer and partner presentations and a lively audience of over 50 IT pros full of ideas and questions about different ways to use Splunk.

The first customer presentation was from Andrzej (“AJ”) Wolski, Unix Engineer at TomTom, the world’s leading navigation solutions provider. TomTom, known for its ubiquitous portable navigation devices used by 40+ million people worldwide, is in the process of a major move from a device to service orientation. This 3000+ person company with over 1.5 billion euros annual revenues offers its full range of core navigation and location …

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Hey Hey! Eniro and Unibet at SplunkLive Stockholm

SplunkLive continued its 2010 tour in Stockholm yesterday, at the lovely Radisson Strand hotel, organized to perfection by our local partner, Sentor. What a fun and informative morning in a wonderful city.

We had a great turnout of over 50 prospects and customers, with most staying through the entirety of Splunk’s Munich-based solution architect Christian Glatschke’s afternoon technical workshop. There were particularly great customer and partner presentations with very rich, multifaceted use cases and hard hitting facts and benefits.

Anders Söderström from Sentor played host throughout the day and gave a short presentation outlining their managed security and Splunk offerings.

Patrik Nordlén provided an overview of the Splunk security monitoring and forensics deployment that he completed for Eniro, …

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Looking for a few clever Splunkers…

As some of you may have seen in a recent press release, Splunk is investing in a new solutions team. This is a team dedicated to building out apps, documentation and best practices that enable turnkey solutions to specific problems on Splunk. We have a number of open jobs for people who are or are ready to quickly learn to rapidly customize Splunk for specific use cases – this involves writing searches, customizing Splunk’s UI to create custom dashboards and search views, and configuring data inputs and knowledge. We also have open jobs for technical writers who are capable of writing in depth how-tos for other use cases – taking our documentation from the nuts and bolts of using …

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Splunk 4’s proving *everyone* can use IT data

There’s a big reason I haven’t blogged here for a while: Splunk 4. I’ve been so wrapped up in it for the last year that I haven’t really been interested in writing about anything else. Well, now it’s out, so I’m back! So I’ll kick it off with some background on why 4 is the Splunk I’ve always wanted and a little story about how my team and I have used Splunk ourselves in a new way the past few days.

The aspect of Splunk 4 that I’m most excited about is all of the ways that it makes IT data accessible to everyone, regardless of their job.

I’ve been a data fanatic since I started my first software company …

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Jira users’ group Thursday September 18

Both Dave Pickering from New Aspects and I will be at the Atlassian Jira users’ group in San Francisco next Thursday September 18, for those of you who’ve been following what we’re doing with Jira to automate product management for an agile dev organization. Looks like a lot of great Bay Area companies are going to be there.

And we really, really, are just about ready to publish the extensions and workflows we’ve done.

Details and registration.

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Tell us your Splunk story at Interop

Are you planning on being at Interop in Vegas April 27-May 2? Do you use Splunk? If so, I’d love to hear from you.

I’ll be there with the Splunk video team and we’d love to record some new interviews with Splunk users. If you haven’t seen some of the user interview videos we’ve already done, check them out. They’re the best way to learn about how Splunk’s getting applied in the real world.

Some of my favorites: Demetri Mouratis, Rhythm New Media, using Splunk as an IT data platform across business and operations teams; Allen Hecker and Mark Bronniman, the senior security analyst and senior unix admin at Weill Cornell Medical College, and Trevis Edgworth of Epsilon …

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P-Camp preso on automating product management with Jira

Here’s the presentation that I gave this past Saturday at P-Camp, the unconference for product managers. If you’ve been following what we’re doing here with automating product management using Jira, there’s detail and screenshots in this presentation that might be interesting.

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6000 Harvard applicants’ personal data on Bittorrent

Harvard just learned security investigation 101 the hard way.

Harvard admitted yesterday that a web server was hacked a month ago that contained financial application data for over 10,000 applicants. They knew about the incident on February 15 and took down the server till February 21 in order to investigate and implement stronger security controls. Their announcement reveals how slow and ineffective security investigations often are.

“The University’s initial examination did not reveal the full extent of the hack. As the investigation continued, it became apparent that some sensitive applicant data, including Social Security numbers, could potentially have been accessed.”

Unfortunately, a day later, it was pretty obvious that over 6,000 applicants’ data had been compromised – CNet reports that

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