Monitoring the customer experience in real time

Customer eXperience (CX) is the No 1 priority for companies who have invested in analytics software, according research conducted by Gartner. The goal for any company is to have an ‘always on’ view of how their operational performance impacts on the way that customers experience their brand across all touchpoints. This is now possible by using previously untapped machine data in combination with more traditional measures of customer satisfaction e.g. Net Promoter Score (NPS) generated from market research.

Many companies already have Voice of the Customer (VoC) programmes in place which capture Transactional NPS for key interactions / channels and store them in either an Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) platform, a Business Intelligence (BI) tool or sometimes a tailor made …

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How advances in technology are enabling data-driven decision making in retail

I spoke at a retail trends briefing yesterday organized by Cisco, where technology and innovation were very much the focus of all presentations.

It was clear that technological advances are moving extremely quickly. We learnt about: wireless networks that pinpoint customers’ precise location in store1; footfall tracking sensors that can be configured to track the customer journey around the store2; and apps that allow you to pay for any item and leave the shop without visiting a till3. These advances will deliver new and increasingly rich data sources that can be used to power analytics and deliver insights to retail businesses, especially when combined together.

As a result, the range of data sources that …

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I’m sensor-ing that the fourth industrial revolution is going to be data driven

I was lucky enough attend the IoT World conference this week in Berlin. Everyone who is anyone in Industrial IoT and the associated software industry was present. The list of speakers included Bosch, GE and Vodafone among many others.

During the course of the two days at the event I had a conversation with a robot (see below), I visited a pre-war ballroom and I received a cocktail from two juggling bar tenders! However the most memorable moment came during the key note speech from Professor Whalster, one of the founders of Industry 4.0 movement – which is alternatively known as the fourth industrial revolution.


In simplistic terms, Industry 4.0 is focussed on the “smart factory” i.e the computerisation of manufacturing. …

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Supporting a cycling world record attempt using analytics

It’s not every day that you get to be involved in a record attempt, but Splunk is currently supporting a team of four cyclists in their quest to break the world record for a team cycling from the West coast to the East coast of the US.

The Race Across America (RAAM) is an annual cycle race involving teams of four riders. The total race distance is 3,070 miles and it involves 55 stages between a series of waypoints – fixed coordinates on a route that starts at Oceanside, California and ends at Annapolis, Maryland.

The stages themselves can vary dramatically in length, terrain and altitude change. The weather conditions and wind speed will have a significant impact on …

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Creating the optimal customer journey using analytics

Understanding the customer journey is currently a hot topic. This is because being able to deliver the right information and messaging to all consumers at every touch point is now a critical element of brand success.

Tracking customer journeys is an omni-channel challenge, but in many journeys there is some form of online interaction – which makes this channel a pivotal element in the process.

For me, the most interesting thing about online customer journeys is the fact that there is typically a divergence between how brands design and perceive the customer journey and the actual route taken by consumers. This is why being able to accurately track each interaction during the customer journey is critical.

The work that Splunk …

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The race to deliver real time business analytics

I spoke at the Nimbus Ninety Ignite conference late last year, which is recognised as having one of the most influential audiences in the areas of business innovation and transformation. My presentation focussed on how all organisations can unlock the business value in their data in order to be successful, regardless of whether they are a data-driven digital start up or an established player with complex legacy systems.


Reflecting the importance of having a data-driven culture, analytics has recently been quoted as the No. 1 priority for CIO’s by Gartner. It is clear that data – be it Big, not Big, structured, semi-structured, or unstructured – is on the mind of every business right now. And quite rightly so!…

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