Accenture and Splunk Form Alliance to Deliver Transformative Business Solutions

Accenture-logoStrategic companies know that they can improve business outcomes by mining the vast amounts of application and operational data from back-end systems, call centers, web traffic and more. Today we announced a new partnership between leading global systems integrator Accenture and Splunk that integrates Splunk products and cloud services into Accenture’s application services, security and digital offerings. The alliance between Accenture and Splunk will enable customers to mine and analyze machine data and identify trends and opportunities that were previously difficult to detect.

Accenture is integrating Splunk’s platform for Operational Intelligence, including Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Cloud, Splunk Enterprise Security, Splunk User Behavior Analytics and Splunk IT Service Intelligence, into its world-class application and security service offerings.

Accenture Technology Services has …

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Herjavec Group and Splunk Strengthen Alliance to Provide Managed Security Services

If you think the cereal aisle at the supermarket is confusing, try making a decision about the all-important task of securing your organization against cyberattacks. The options for both challenging scenarios are many and varied in terms of quality. When it comes to computer network security, some organizations opt for in-house staff and on-premises solutions, while others entrust the task to a managed security service provider (MSSP). Herjavec Group, a leading security solutions integrator, reseller, managed service provider and longtime Splunk customer and partner, has adopted Splunk software in its MSSP business.

This strengthened alliance brings together Herjavec Group’s deep expertise in security and security services with Splunk’s industry-leading software platform for real-time Operational Intelligence. Together, they will help …

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Splunk Joins Forces With Verizon to Advance Enterprise Threat Detection

Verizon_EnterpriseIt’s a well-known fact that organizations are facing an astonishing number of cyberthreats ⎯and that number continues to grow on a daily basis. No organization is immune to malicious threats, whether it is a private enterprise, government agency, educational institution or non-profit. That’s why Splunk and Verizon Enterprise Solutions are teaming up to arm clients with the tools and systems they need to battle cybercriminals.

Our weapon of choice? Analytics-driven security.

Together, Verizon and Splunk are addressing a pressing need for better-managed security operations center (SOC) solutions. Verizon now offers Splunk-powered, analytics-driven predictive threat detection to enterprises and government agencies.

By integrating analytics from Splunk Security solutions, Verizon has enhanced its flagship Managed Security Services platform. Leveraging massive …

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