Web dev: hack days & hacking passwords

The Web Dev team here at Splunk had our first hack days! These are two days we take every quarter to leave aside our Jira queue of bugs and features and focus on doing something fun. As a team we come up with the project we’ll focus on for two days. This time we decided to develop a distributed computing system based on the Raspberry Pi. The Pi is tiny, $35 general purpose computer. As a team of 5, we each got one so our end goal would be to have a cluster of (very slow) computers. Here’s the initial delivery being inventoried:

We absconded with a conference room for two days and hacked away at our goal to …

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Ponydocs: free as in beer and speech

I’m proud to announce that as of the publishing of this blog post, Ponydocs is officially open source. Download it now! Though most of you in the open source world will be pleased this is free (as in speech), I’m sure there’s some of you who won’t mind a bit this is of no cost (as in free beer).

If you’re just hearing about Ponydocs for the first time, Ponydocs is a software documentation system based on MediaWiki. Check out my first and second post on the topic. As well, we definitely eat our own dogfood and you can see as our own instance of Ponydocs at docs.splunk.com.

I’d like to take this time to introduce my …

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Ponydocs: 4 Days 19 Hrs 8 Mins 49 Secs Away!

Ponydocs going open source is imminent! All the hard parts are done. Our very own Zurab Davitiani has done all the heavy lifting of getting our existing Subversion repository imported into github, historical edits and all. As soon as we flip the bit to make this repository public, you’ll be able to see the years worth of work we’ve put into this project. Here’s a sneak peek (see “Historical Ponydocs Edits”).

Historical Ponydocs Edits – click for detail

We’ve also ported over our existing features page to be native in github as well. Not too much to see here, but feel free to head over to splunk.github.com/ponydocs to check it out.

Don’t forget: the entire splunk Web Dev team will …

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Ponydocs: Open Source in July, Download Beta Today

As you may remember, some time ago I mentioned we would be open-sourcing the software behind our wildly successful docs site, docs.splunk.com. Well, that moment is nigh! As of right now, the web development team has just posted a public beta.

There’s even a dramatic countdown timer so you’ll know exactly when you can come back to find out more about the project once it’s fully open-sourced. We’ll be joining the ranks of other great open-source projects from Splunk over on GitHub. Please fill out the form if you’d like be alerted when we open source as well as get a beta copy of the code.

To celebrate the culmination of years of effort, the entire web development …

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Start of a good thing: Open Source from Web Dev

Hi there! Let me start this post, the first of many, by introducing myself and my team. I’m Ashley Jones, manager of and senior engineer in the Web Development group here at Splunk. My team is responsible for every nook and cranny of the code for a number of sites you know and love. This includes, but is not limited to, splunk.com, docs.splunk.com and blogs.splunk.com. We have wonderful groups inside Splunk that we’re privileged to provide the code which makes their design work well and their content easy to consume.

Like over half the internet, we run Apache along with PHP and MySQL to power our sites. These old, open-source guards of the web, along with the …

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