The Disintegration of IT

SplunkGov LogoWith President Obama’s proposal of a $3.1 billion IT Modernization Fund, there has been increased discussion around the government’s struggle to manage its aging IT infrastructure, while simultaneously trying to introduce modern technology.

I recently spoke with FedTech Magazine and Federal Times about the need for government to unify its fragmented IT systems and ease the associated financial and security risks. As I note in both pieces, the problem is not that government still relies on antiquated technology; it’s that instead of federal agencies fully replacing legacy systems, they are adding in layers of new technology, such as mobile and cloud, directly on top of older technology like distributed systems, desktops and mainframes. This debilitating practice has led to the …

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Metrics that Matter at DevOps Days London and Delivery Of Things World Berlin

There’s a crude assessment of opinions that you may recall from ‘The Dead Pool’, ‘Home for the Holidays’, or ‘The People vs. Larry Flynt’:

“Opinions are like %#^&@*s: Everyone has one, and they all stink!”

I tend to lean toward a cleaner version, especially in polite company:

“In God We Trust. All Others Bring Data.”


Or, as Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding said in Jerry Maguire:


Read the opinions of commenters on almost any mainstream tech article on DevOps and you can see why DevOps is hitting ‘the peak of inflated expectations’ in the Gartner Hype Cycle. There is intense interest in DevOps, and lots of debate, but so many opinions, and …

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How Splunk Helps Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Achieve its Customer Goals

PNNLsplunkThere is no better way to demonstrate the remarkable, impactful work we do at Splunk, than through our customers’ success. When Splunk solutions help our customers achieve their objectives and become more efficient, effective and innovative organizations – we know we are doing our job right.

GCN recently spoke with Pacific Northwest Laboratory (PNNL) to discuss how their IT department overhauled the lab’s entire customer experience with the help of Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI). By implementing Splunk ITSI, PNNL is now able to manage the 400 gigabytes of data from 30 to 40 sources and about 13,000 devices through one single dashboard. According to PNNL, the Splunk ITSI software helped achieve the IT staff’s two primary objectives; to better …

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Notes From Splunk .conf 2015 Day Two

The Search party last night was a blast, but today it was back to business. And Day 2 of the global Splunk user group, .conf2015, was another excellent day.

I started with some good mates from the industry analyst community, talking Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) over breakfast. I gained intriguing insights into our customers and our market, and came away with all sorts of possible new use cases for ITSI.

But as Steve Jobs said, innovation sometimes it means saying ‘no’ to a thousand good ideas, so for now we are going to focus on fulfilling the enormous early demand from our customers for POCs. Still, we are always looking for new ideas from our customers and partners (and analysts too!), …

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Notes From Splunk .conf 2015 Day One

PartPavWhat a fantastic first day at my first ever Splunk global user conference, .conf15. Last night’s Partner soiree kicked off the fun, bringing our customers and partners together in the expo pavilion over some tasty conference food and free-flowing drinks. Demos everywhere, a gaming space, golf swing analytics, and even a race car – no wonder it was absolutely packed!

The first full day started today with the opening keynote in front of a visibly energized crowd in a packed hall. Over 4000 Splunk customers are attending this year, and .conf is still growing. Not surprising, since this year Splunk chalked up its 10,000th customer.

The keynote was fantastic, among the best I have seen. Dynamic and informative, with a bit …

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Five First Impressions of Splunk

As a newcomer to the Splunk family, I have been drinking through the proverbial firehose, learning about the company, its solutions, and its customers. It has been energizing, and an eye-opener for me. So for my first post on the Splunk blog, I would like to share my early impressions, as a way to give some insight into a company that some of you might not know all about.

1. The customers

The first thing I noticed was the excitement of (and for) our customers and community. Splunk has some of the most passionate customers I have ever seen, and one of the strongest communities too. You just need to check presentations from Splunk Live or our upcoming User Conference,

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