Remembering David


A week ago Splunk lost a dear friend and an amazing mind.

David Carasso joined Splunk in February of 2005 and not only created the foundation of Splunk’s technology, but also the foundation of Splunk’s culture. David is responsible for “taking the sh out of IT,” “finding your faults just like mom,” our search language, the Splunk book, eventtypes, interactive field extraction and countless other contributions that we now take for granted. David was always there with advice, a debate, inspiration, a joke, a laugh or a smile. It was impossible for David not to be concerned and caring – about his family, his friends, his coworkers, his work or the world around him. His passion knew no bounds and brought out the best in us.


Goodbye, David. We will miss you very much. Baruch dayan emet.


(Left to Right) David Carasso, Splunk co-founder Erik Swan, and Michael Wilde

(Left to Right)
David Carasso, Splunk co-founder Erik Swan, and Michael Wilde

David, aka Roger, aka Best Internet Troll Ever, was an amazing soul. Helpful, caring and kind. So many people were better for having met and/or worked with him. And seeing how he grew into a respectable and intelligent force for awesome in his field is inspirational to all of us former trolls of the 80’s and 90’s BBS and Usenet scenes.

But most importantly, he taught me that you don’t need to abandon all fun to make great things and influence people and products. The occasional troll or witty & fun instigation is necessary to keep those evil and sad professionals from hindering progress and joy!

Thank you, Mr. Carasso. Your time here was short, but your presence will never leave us.

Meep meep.

February 1, 2015

Thank you for such a fitting tribute. Glad that he was as special to all of you as you were to him!!

Kim Carasso
February 1, 2015

When I received the email about David’s passing it was a very sad day for me. While I didn’t get the opportunity to know David on a personal level, I was a huge fan. I have followed David’s work and have personally benefited from it. I have all SE new hires reading David’s book and I also tell them about his blogs, videos, and search cheat sheet. He had an amazing gift of taking the complex and making it understandable. I believe his work has been instrumental in Splunk customer adoption. We are going to miss his amazing talents.

Cindy McCririe
February 4, 2015