Govsummit 2016: Elevating Data for Mission Success

AudienceA welcoming Fall in Washington DC formed the backdrop for Splunk’s second annual Govsummit at the Renaissance downtown last month. Parading a who’s who list of headliners, the summit brought over 1,100 public sector, Education and Splunk partner attendees together for a day of education and networking.

Kevin Davis, VP of Public Sector kicked off the event with CTO Snehal Antani following him with the company keynote. Dr. Ron Ross, Fellow at NIST, Greg Touhill, CISO for the US Federal Government and Tony Scott, CIO for the US Federal Government were on hand to unveil the latest NIST Special Publication 800-160 that provides guidance on systems resiliency for cyber-physical systems. In the wake of recent incidents where IoT devices were harnessed to …

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Splunk User Behavior Analytics snags CRN’s 2016 Products of The Year Finalist Ranking

crn-products-of-the-year-2016-400I’m pleased to share Splunk was named to …

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A commitment to change

With the holidays upon us, stories are emerging all around us about how Splunkers are doing amazing things in their communities every day. But did you know that Splunkers also lead charitable missions across the globe? Through paid volunteer time and the Splunk Pledge, Splunkers are donating time, expertise and passion to causes that can change the course of lives for the better.

This is the story of our very own Dana Le.

Dana is leaving today (December 8) to embark on an ambitious mission to Dhaka, Bangladesh. Building on her previous work in 2015, she will continue to work with impoverished youth who have been marginalized by their communities, and who only know life on the streets. She …

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Easily Create Mod Inputs Using Splunk Add-on Builder 2.0 – Part IV

Add-on Builder 2.0 provides capabilities to build modular inputs without writing any code. In this post however, we focus on using an advanced feature of Splunk’s Add-on Builder 2.0 to write custom python while taking advantage of its powerful helper functions.

NB: Future versions of Add-on Builder will obviate the need for some of the techniques mentioned below, most notably techniques in step #6 & step #8.

There is a veritable cornucopia of useful resources for building modular inputs at,,, and more. This post certainly isn’t meant to replace those. No no, this post will simply walk you through leveraging Splunk Add-on Builder 2.0 to create custom code to query an API.

In this post we will create a …

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George Mason University – Leading the way to develop the next generation of cybersecurity experts

30663596996_b097f60748_oSplunk4Good recently sponsored a Youth Cybersecurity Conference on October 29 hosted by George Mason University at its Fairfax, VA conference. Since it was the first such event, we did not know what kind of reception we would have. It turned out to be a stellar success – 800 confirmed registrants with 300 on a waiting list!

Organized by Dr. Kammy Sanghera, Exec. Director, STEM Outreach for the Volgenau School of Engineering at George Mason University, the event had a high-profile billing – Dr. Angel Cabrera, President of GMU kicked off the event and was followed by Ruthe Farmer, Senior Policy Advisor for Tech Inclusion Office of Science & Technology Policy Executive Office of President, White House. Dr. Dietra Trent, Virginia …

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Splunk App for Jenkins: Increase quality and velocity of your software releases

jenkins-stickersMore than 12,000 customers are using Splunk software to monitor their critical services. They are deploying Splunk software on-premises or using Splunk Cloud, across a variety of operating systems, different deployment configurations and scale complexities. As a result, ensuring the highest Splunk software quality is of paramount importance.

To help with this endeavor, our engineering team is running most of our development and testing workflows using the Jenkins platform. The complexity of developing and testing Splunk software across various configurations has resulted in a massive Jenkins deployment infrastructure with multiple clusters, with more than 500 slaves per master running thousands of jobs per day. Previously, analyzing Jenkins data at this scale manually was not possible. As a result, our …

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Table Datasets – Data Prep & Analysis without SPL

One of the highlights of Splunk Enterprise 6.5 is Table Datasets. It’s a significant breakthrough that improves productivity and unleashes the power of machine data analysis to a much broader set of users across your organization.

Go Get It! Splunk Enterprise customers need to upgrade to 6.5 then download the Splunk Datasets Add-on from Splunkbase to install the feature – and over 3000 customers have already! Splunk Cloud customers have it pre-installed as part of their standard upgrade.

With Table Datasets:

  • Power users can more easily prep data into a structured format that’s ready for downstream users to put to use for analysis
  • Occasional, non-proficient users can further refine the data, perform in-depth analysis and generate reports – all without
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The Splunk 12 Days Of Christmas


Splunk_Twitter-Card_Santa_Ad1_v3Ho Ho Ho! I hope you’re all ready for Christmas and the holiday season. From (Yule) log files to ERP (Enhanced Reindeer Planning) systems to wood burning fire-walls and NOCs (Noel Operations Centre), a lot of organisations have done some amazing things with their machine data this year. In the spirit of sharing gifts, I give you the Splunk 12 Days Of Christmas featuring some of those customers who’ve improved their operations using Splunk as a machine data fabric. Have a great festive season and enjoy the stories below:

As always, thanks for reading

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Smart AnSwerS #82

Hey there community and welcome to the 82nd installment of Smart AnSwerS.

Have you ever wondered what makes the Splunk community so special, and why many people from various backgrounds are so engaged in all things Splunk? Well, look no further! alacercogitatus, aka Kyle Smith of the SplunkTrust, posted this awesome heartfelt blog post from his experiences engaging with users in the community on and offline, emphasizing how the culture plays an essential role in the success of users stepping into the world of Splunk. You’re not simply learning how to use the products – you’re entering a community of users that are incredibly supportive, passionate, and willing to share their knowledge to help you meet …

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SF Muni Hacked. Learn How to Detect Ransomware in Your Environment

Join security expert James Brodsky for our How-to Webinar: Detection of Ransomware and Prevention Strategies on December 13.

SF Muni was hit with a Ransomware attack last week, just as the prime holiday shopping season was kicking off. For many, the free fares for the weekend while Muni assessed the damage probably seemed like a holiday gift or customer service bonus.

But the lost revenues and potential $73K ransom they were asked to pay was no bonus for the IT and security teams.

News of Ransomware attacks are becoming much more common these days, with a reported $209M paid to ransomware criminals in Q1 2016 and the FBI anticipating ransomware to be a $1B source of income for cybercriminals this year.

Ransomware attacks are on the rise.

Ransomware attacks

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