National Center for Women & Information Technology Presents on Workplace Bias at Splunk WiT Event

NCWITlogo_squareOn July 21 at Splunk HQ, Splunk WiT hosted Dr. Catherine Ashcraft, senior research scientist with the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT), who led an interactive presentation on “Unconscious Biases: Addressing Underrepresentation and Stealth Barriers to Innovation.”

Splunk’s executive team has prioritized attracting and retaining diverse talent, and we have joined the NCWIT Workforce Alliance to support these efforts. According to the NCWIT, women make up 57% of professional occupations in the U.S., but we hold only 25% of computing jobs. A concerning trend is that many women in technical jobs are leaving tech for other professions. The reasons for this shift likely include biases, subtle dynamics and micro-inequities that chip away at women’s sense of belonging …

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Smart AnSwerS #72

Hey there community and welcome to the 72nd installment of Smart AnSwerS.

The “Where Will Your Karma Take You” contest has been underway for two weeks now on Splunk Answers, and there is just a little over 2 weeks left to go! From July 15 to August 15, the top 3 users that earn the most karma points within this period will each earn a free pass to .conf2016. Best of luck to everyone and finish off strong!

Also, next Wednesday, August 3rd @ 6:30PM, the San Francisco Bay Area user group will be meeting at Splunk HQ. If you happen to be in the area, come join us! Visit the SFBA user group page to see what’s …

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Women in Tech International Summit: The Inspiring, the Intimidating, and the Insidious

witi-logo-1200x630It’s easy, when wrapped in your work/life bubble, to convince yourself that, despite the internet and the phone calls and maybe even your own Women in Tech group, you’re still alone in this struggle. There’s an isolation, and with that isolation a fear that the only person who will care about you, who will stand up for you…is you.

In the end, that’s why events like the Women in Technology International (WiTI) Summit, and other WiT conferences, are so important. They remind us that we are not alone.

You are not alone.

At least many of us aren’t. But we’ll get to that.

The WiTI Summit took place last month in San Jose, and featured not only significant recruiting and informational …

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Sending binary data (a gzip compressed payload) to Splunk

A while ago I released an App on Splunkbase called Protocol Data Inputs (PDI)  that allows you to send text or binary data to Splunk via many different protocols and dynamically apply pre processors to act on this data prior to indexing in Splunk. You can read more about it here.

I thought I’d just share this interesting use case that I was fiddling around with today. What if I wanted to send compressed data (which is a binary payload) to Splunk and index it ? Well , this is very trivial to accomplish with PDI.

HTTP POST a Gzip compressed payload

PDI supports many different protocols , but for the purposes of this example I just rolled  a dice …

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True Machine Learning is finally here for all to Leverage

In this short post I want to hit 3 simple points.

  • Why has true machine learning been so difficult to provide to the masses?
  • Why is machine learning not simply statistical models?
  • What type of organization has the power to bring machine learning to the masses?

The simple reason it took so long to bring machine learning from the theoretical to the everyday is that it is hard. No scratch that it is really – really hard to do at scale and price point where every organization can leverage the innate power of machine learning.

Think about it, you have this layer of intelligence over all your machine data that is constantly on the watch for unusual behavior and anomalies. …

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Collaboration is the Key to Government Innovation

I recently participated in a panel while attending the Bloomberg RE/BOOT event in Washington, D.C. The focus of the panel was how to improve partnerships between government and industry. We started by discussing how industry can better partner with government agencies to strengthen cybersecurity in the United States. At Splunk, we solve problems by viewing the overall security solution from an ecosystem lens. Splunk technologies are just one part of that ecosystem. To address challenges in a government environment, we see our operational intelligence platform as the foundation that serves as the nerve center of the security operations ecosystem. No single solution or technology can solve every government problem, but together, industry technology leaders can partner with agencies to tackle …

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Introducing Splunk App for Akamai v1.1

I am excited to announce the availability of Splunk App for Akamai v1.1. The updated app and associated add-on are available on and delivers new features and functionality to collect and analyze events from the Akamai Cloud Monitor Service.

Akamai’s Cloud Monitor service is a real-time, push API service that delivers critical transaction data from Akamai’s Intelligent Platform to your big data, analytics, or monitoring environments. Cloud Monitor provides real-time insight into a wide range of data captured as global users interact with your web properties – including basic transaction details, network and client performance metrics, security alerts, network stats, location data, and cookie information.

To enable data collection you have to subscribe to the cloud monitor service provided …

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Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose Partners with Splunk

CDM_logoNoted psychologist Jean Piaget, known for his pioneering work surrounding the cognitive development of children said, “Play is the answer to how anything new comes about.” Piaget’s words ring true at Children’s Discovery Museum (CDM), where children learn, play and discover. With the donation of Splunk® Enterprise software through Splunk4Good, CDM staff working behind the scenes now have a software solution that enables them to learn, play and discover (while making a positive impact on museum operations).

Splunk4Good works to help governments and nonprofits at all levels showcase the power of data. By partnering with Splunk, CDM can maximize its budget and staff and focus on its mission: instilling creativity, curiosity and lifelong learning in children.

Since deploying …

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2016-17 SplunkTrust applications open soon!


The first year of the SplunkTrust is coming to a close, and it’s almost time to select members for the 2016-2017 year!  Applications will open this coming Friday, July 29th and close on Friday, August 19th.

What has the SplunkTrust been up to?

Over the past year, the 2015-16 SplunkTrust membership have shared their knowledge and enthusiasm with countless Splunk Community members around the world.  In addition to their presence on Splunk Answers and in our User Groups, check out the recordings of the monthly Virtual .conf session program the membership put together (by the time you read this, there will be at least one more). You can also find a number of excellent blog posts from the SplunkTrust membership here:

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Splunk Took the Sh out of IT at CiscoLive!

CiscoLive! 2016 was Splunk-tastic to say the least! Over the past 5 years I’ve attended Cisco’s epic event the show has evolved considerably (not to mention more than doubled in size!). This year in particular I was struck by the deep interconnection between Cisco’s major focus areas of security, data center, networking, collaboration, wireless and IoT. Today’s incredibly complex challenges don’t fit neatly within a single category – it truly takes a village to help organizations effectively and efficiently transform their businesses. In the words of our awesome partner, our solutions are simply #BetterTogether.

It’s probably no surprise that this year more than any other Splunk truly was everywhere at Cisco Live. Splunk was showcased in almost a dozen speaking sessions

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